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Empower Coös Youth Grants Program

The Empower Coös Youth Grants Program is led by a committee of high-school students from Coös County and surrounding communities in New Hampshire and Vermont to decide how to award up to $50,000 in grants to nonprofit organizations that focus on reducing carbon emissions, increasing extracurricular activities, and strengthening community engagement.

  • History

    The Empower Coos Youth Grants Committee was founded in 2019 in recognition of the incredible perspective and leadership of our local youth. The program has adapted and evolved to the visions and desires of our student committee members.

    The grantmaking priorities and reporting questions have been developed by our students, recruitment and outreach is driven by our students, and the curriculum is continually evolving with student input and perspective. 

  • Program goals
    • Promote positive youth development by engaging young people in meaningful ways in an effort to build their individual skills and capacities.
    • Support youth in applying their regional knowledge, understanding of local strengths and needs, analytical skills, and understanding of philanthropy in their role as grantmakers.
    • Include youth in decision-making processes throughout the program.
    • Build connections between youth, adults, and their communities.
    • Strengthen communities by building a pipeline of committed skills and experienced young leaders who can contribute to the region’s development.
    • Amplify youth voices to increase community awareness and belief in the value of youth leadership and decision-making.
  • Geographic focus

    Our student committee is open to upcoming 9th-12th graders in Coos, Essex, and upper Grafton Counties. Our student committee members currently come from the following schools: Berlin Middle High School, Canaan Memorial High School, Colebrook Academy, Gorham Middle High School, Profile High School, Virtual Learning Charter Academy School, White Mountain Regional High School, Woodsville High School. The grantmaking committee awards grants to organizations with programs benefiting Coös County, NH and Essex County, VT and surrounding communities in New Hampshire and Vermont.

  • Recent grants

    See a complete list of recently made grants.

Become a committee member


The Empower Coos Youth Grantmaking Committee is open to upcoming 9th-12th graders residing in Coos, Essex, and upper Grafton Counties. Committee members serve for up to two years and are responsible for making grant recommendations on applications submitted to the Empower Coös Youth Grants Program. The committee meets once per month between September and April.

The application process has closed for the 2021-2022 program year. Please check back in February 2022 to apply.

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