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Staff Directory

Senior Leadership

Richard Ober
  • Richard Ober
  • President and CEO

Michael Wilson
  • Michael Wilson
  • Chief Investment and Financial Officer, Senior Vice President

Simon Delekta
  • Simon Delekta
  • Vice President of Community Engagement and Impact

Melinda Mosier
  • Melinda Mosier
  • Vice President of Donor Engagement and Philanthropy Services

  • Kristen Oliveri
  • Vice President of Communications and Marketing

Jennifer Perkins
  • Jennifer Perkins
  • Vice President of Administration

Human Resources and Administration

Terri McKinnon
  • Terri McKinnon
  • Senior Office Administration Associate

Yasbel Monteagudo
  • Yasbel Monteagudo
  • Human Resources Associate

Maura Wellington
  • Maura Wellington
  • Executive Office Operations Manager


Rebecca Carr
  • Rebecca Carr
  • Senior Director of Accounting

Katie Dionne
  • Katie Dionne
  • Controller

Irene Ledoux
  • Irene Ledoux
  • Senior Accounting Associate

  • Megan Medeiros
  • Senior Accountant

  • Michelle Mersereau
  • Senior Accountant

  • Narmada Mogali
  • Accounting Associate

Communications and Marketing

  • Lois R. Shea
  • Senior Writer and Communications Officer

  • Chris Marion
  • Communications Associate

Information Services

  • Tracie Cecenas
  • Senior Finance and IS Associate

Nola Frost
  • Nola Frost
  • Business Systems Analyst

David Goodman
  • David Goodman
  • Director of Information Services

  • Chris Nichols
  • Business Systems Analyst, Core Software Solutions and Data Health

David Severance
  • David Severance
  • Business Systems Analyst, Operations and Reporting

Donor Engagement and Philanthropy Services

William Abbott
  • William Abbott
  • Senior Philanthropy Advisor

Michael DeCristofaro
  • Michael DeCristofaro
  • Director of Advisor Relations

Janet Guen
  • Janet Guen
  • Senior Philanthropy Advisor

Troy Hartmann
  • Troy Hartmann
  • Philanthropy Associate

Sara Lang
  • Sara Lang
  • Senior Philanthropy Advisor

  • Amy Langille
  • Director of Donor Operations

Laura Marron
  • Laura Marron
  • Philanthropy Advisor

Laura Rauscher
  • Laura Rauscher
  • Director of Donor Engagement and Philanthropy Services

  • Lori Alderin
  • Donor Services Manager

Hannah Robinson
  • Hannah Robinson
  • Donor Services Manager

  • Beth Ryan
  • Executive Associate, Vice President of Donor Engagement and Philanthropy Services

Monique Scharlotte
  • Monique Scharlotte
  • Philanthropy Operations Manager

Peter Squires
  • Peter Squires
  • Philanthropy Advisor

  • Jenna Ward
  • Donor Services Manager

Student Aid

Hilary Miskoe
  • Hilary Miskoe
  • Director of Student Aid and Grants Data Analyst

  • Haley Searcy
  • Student Aid Associate

Jessica Kierstead
  • Jessica Kierstead
  • Senior Student Aid Partner

Lindsey Shaffer
  • Lindsey Shaffer
  • Student Aid Partner

Community Engagement and Impact

Patrice Allaire
  • Patrice Allaire
  • Executive Associate

Ben Amsden
  • Ben Amsden
  • Initiative Leader, Basic Needs and Impact Investing

Phoebe Backler
  • Phoebe Backler
  • Senior Community Partner, Tillotson Funds

Wendy Cahill
  • Wendy Cahill
  • Senior Community Engagement and Impact Associate

Laura Cappuccio
  • Laura Cappuccio
  • Community Engagement and Impact Associate

Jean Clarke
  • Jean Clarke
  • Tillotson Funds Manager

  • Christina D’Allesandro
  • Initiative Leader, Early Childhood and Family Supports

  • Gale Dean
  • Director of Grants Management

Traci Fowler
  • Traci Fowler
  • Initiative Leader, Behavioral Health

Meena Gyawali
  • Meena Gyawali
  • Initiative Leader, Environment

Rebecca Lapitino
  • Rebecca Lapitino
  • Community Engagement and Impact Associate

Anne Phillips
  • Anne Phillips
  • Director of Community Impact

Deboarh Schachter
  • Deborah Schachter
  • Director of Public Policy

Sandeep Bikram Shah
  • Sandeep Bikram Shah
  • Director of Community Engagement

Sonya Salanti
  • Sonya Salanti
  • Director of Tillotson Funds

Michael Turmelle
  • Michael Turmelle
  • Initiative Leader, Education and Career Initiatives