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Nonprofit Loan Program

The Nonprofit Loan Program is focused on strengthening our nonprofit partners and helping them have greater impact in the community through sound financial management and greater access to working capital. Organizations may apply for a loan from the Charitable Foundation when debt financing is not available from traditional sources; or, in partnership with traditional lending institutions where the nonprofit may not otherwise qualify for debt capital.

  • Geographic focus

    Nonprofit organizations serving New Hampshire and selected communities in Maine and Vermont within the Foundation’s eight regions: Capital, Lakes, Manchester, Monadnock, Nashua, North Country, Piscataqua and Upper Valley.

  • Eligibility

    Eligible nonprofits include those unable to access traditional sources of financing, or partnering with traditional lenders to meet nonprofit financing needs.

    Sample projects that might qualify for a loan include:

    • Bridge financing for land acquisition, property renovation, equipment purchase or other capital improvements for which funds are pledged but not yet available
    • Starting or expanding a program that will generate some form of secure future revenue (such as a government contract or donor pledge)
    • Working capital or to help with cash flow
  • Evaluation criteria

    Loan proposals are evaluated using the following criteria:

    • Community need and benefit
    • Strategic direction
    • Management capacity
    • Board members support
    • Financial criteria — The applicant’s current and projected revenue, debt or financing history, strength of financial position, repayment plan, etc.
  • Loan amount

    $10,000 — $100,000 (larger amounts may be considered in special circumstances)

    Interest rate: generally 4% (dependent on the strength of the organization, proposed loan size, repayment schedule, default risk, and other factors)

    Loan term: 1-5 years (there is no penalty for prepayment)

  • This program does not fund
    • Filling budget gaps
    • Deficit funding
    • Substitution for ‘regular’ revenue sources (such as contributions, foundation grants or earned income)
  • Application deadline

    Rolling application

Application and grant process

Step 1

Learn about other financing options.

Research financing options such as a local bank or credit union, NH Community Loan Fund, NH Community Development Finance Authority, or other lending institution.

Step 2

Contact the Foundation’s loan program officer to discuss your proposal.

Review the above eligibility requirements and program description in its entirety.

If you have exhausted other financing options, or if you need to partner with other potential financiers, contact Ben Amsden at 603-225-6641, ext. 225.

Step 3

Complete the loan application.

A complete loan application will include:

Step 4


Please email your application form and attachments to Ben Amsden, Ora.Nzfqra@aups.bet, and reference ‘NHCF Loan Application — (your organization name)’ in the subject line.

Step 5

Loan applications are reviewed.

Additional information may be requested at the discretion of the loan program officer.

Loan applicants will be notified of the results within one month of submission.

Step 6

Receive loan proposal and terms.

Accepted loan applicants will be provided a specific loan proposal and terms for consideration.

There is no application fee. A $250 origination fee is charged for all approved loans.

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Ben Amsden
  • Ben Amsden
  • Initiative Leader, Basic Needs and Impact Investing