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How We Invest Your Gift

Trusted stewardship, enduring philanthropic capital

For more than a half-century, generous New Hampshire individuals, families and businesses have entrusted their philanthropic assets to the Charitable Foundation. The Foundation has a track record of strong investment performance across changing economic times. We seek the best possible return while working to align our investments with our values and avoid undue risk — maximizing dollars available to fund critical work in New Hampshire communities today, while prudently maintaining and growing those resources to maintain an enduring source of philanthropic capital.

Our Board of Directors and Investment Committee are assisted by Cambridge Associates, the Foundation’s investment consultants.

Investment Options

How do you want your charitable gift managed? We offer five investment options to meet your philanthropic goals. We can help you give in perpetuity or retain maximum liquidity for immediate giving, invest your gift in efforts that are strengthening local communities or even have your current advisor continue to manage the funds.

Select an investment strategy that best suits your philanthropic goals. Investment management fees range from 0-1.05 percent. See our fee schedule by type of philanthropic fund. See a comparison of our investment options.

  • Long-term pool Our core investment pool is designed to maximize long-term returns.

    That means your fund will provide grants or scholarships year after year, generation after generation. The highly diversified global asset mix is overseen by an independent investment committee and a prominent national endowment consultant.

    Quarterly investment returns, after being reviewed by our Investment Committee, are posted online.

    Q2 Investment Results (2022)

  • Sustainable pool The sustainable pool is for people who prefer their investments screened for environmental, social and
    governance criteria while producing solid returns now and in the future.
  • Impact investing pool Impact investing puts all your charitable assets to work for the good of the community.

    Most of these investments stay right here in New Hampshire supporting local farms and fisheries, affordable housing, innovative businesses and loan capital for vulnerable communities. The pool is guided by a committee of Foundation board members and impact investing experts.

    The impact investing pool is guided by a committee consisting of Foundation directors and staff and industry experts. Read more about our work in impact investing.

    Q2 Impact Investment report (2022)

    2021 Impact Investment report

    Impact Investment Pool “By the Numbers” (2016-2020)

  • Short-term pool For donors who want funds available for short-term grantmaking.

    For those who want liquidity for maximum short-term grantmaking flexibility, the short-term pool keeps your fund in cash or cash equivalents, such as money markets and certificates of deposit.


  • Advisor-managed option For donors who wish to have charitable assets managed by an advisor of their choosing.

    Donors establishing funds of $250,000 or more may recommend their preferred investment advisor to manage the assets.

    Harry Holland uses the advisor-managed option to retain his investment manager and get expert grantmaking help. Read more.

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