How We Invest Your Gift

Trusted stewardship, enduring philanthropic capital

For more than a half-century, generous New Hampshire individuals, families and businesses have entrusted their philanthropic assets to the Charitable Foundation. The Foundation has a track record of strong investment performance across changing economic times. We seek the best possible return while avoiding undue risk – maximizing dollars available to fund critical work in New Hampshire communities today, while prudently stewarding and growing those resources to maintain an enduring source of philanthropic capital.

Our Board of Directors and Investment Committee are assisted by Cambridge Associates, the Foundation’s investment consultants.

Investment Options

Select an investment strategy that best suits your philanthropic goals.

Investment management fees average 1.1 percent. See our fee schedule by type of philanthropic fund.

  • Combined Investment Fund

    For donors who want funds available for grantmaking now — and well into the future.

    The majority of funds at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation are invested in a highly diversified global portfolio called the Combined Investment Fund. This diversification decreases risk and contributes to our solid performance record. Our investment committee works with Cambridge Associates to manage this fund.

    Q2 Investment Results (2018)

  • Sustainable Investment Fund

    For donors who want investments screened for environmental, social and governance criteria but also available for grantmaking now and in the future.

  • Impact Investment Fund

    For donors interested in deep, local investments.

    Our Impact Investment Fund offers a strategic way for donors to pool charitable resources for directed community investment in innovative business ventures and organizations while earning a financial return. Returns vary across investment areas.

    The Impact Investment Fund is guided by a committee consisting of Foundation directors and staff and industry experts. Read more about our work in impact investing.

    Learn more (PDF)

    Impact Investment Report (PDF)

  • Individually Managed Funds

    For donors who wish to have charitable assets managed by an advisor of their choosing.

    Donors creating funds of $250,000 or more may choose to have those charitable assets maintained and managed by their preferred registered investment advisors.

    Learn more (PDF)

    Harry Holland uses an individually managed fund to retain his investment manager and get expert grantmaking help. Read more.

  • Cash Fund

    For donors who want funds available for short-term grantmaking.

    For donors who want liquidity for maximum grantmaking flexibility, we offer the option of keeping the funds in cash or cash-equivalents. This fund is best suited for donors who want funds available for short-term grantmaking.