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Got milk?

A grant from the Foundation’s Community Crisis Action Fund to the New Hampshire Food Bank allowed for the purchase of 35 cold storage units — refrigerators and freezers — for food pantries and soup kitchens across the state. That means that more fresh foods — particularly meat and dairy products — are getting to families who need them.

Kate Knox awarded 2021 Artist Advancement Grant

Dover artist wins grant that helps cultivate the Piscataqua Region’s arts community, boost artists’ careers and keep artists living and working in the area.

A new strategy to reduce homelessness, increase affordable housing

The New Hampshire Council on Housing Stability has released a new statewide strategy that outlines plans to reduce first-time homelessness, end homelessness among veterans and increase affordable housing units in the state.

Everyday superheroes showed up when their communities needed them most

It was April of 2020. Everyone who could was working from home, going to school from home, grocery shopping curbside and staying away from crowds. Annie Day decided to take a new job: She would manage the Families In Transition Adult Emergency Shelter.

Early childhood care is critical infrastructure

Devon and Morgan Phillips could do their work in emergency medicine during the height of the pandemic in 2020 because their children's early childhood center was there to care for their kids. Early childhood education is critical infrastructure that benefits everyone in our communities.

Showing up on the side of justice

In an era of new complexities, tensions and awareness, the New Hampshire program of the American Friends Service Committee has been unwavering and expansive in its dedication to mission, working on a towering array of issues — from racial equity to immigrants’ rights to economic justice.

Focus On

New Hampshire Tomorrow

The Foundation is investing in four proven focus areas to increase opportunity for New Hampshire’s kids — from cradle to career.

  • The public good that is public education is being imperiled in New Hampshire

    Public K-12 schools deliver on the very American promise of an education for all — no matter how much money your parents have, or where you live, or the color of your skin or if you get around on your feet or in a wheelchair. But the public good that is public education is being imperiled in New Hampshire in ways that put children’s education and the well-being of our communities and our economy at risk.

  • We’re not saying “goodbye,” Tym

    After 13 years at the Charitable Foundation, Tym Rourke to join national healthcare consulting firm to advance health equity and integrated behavioral healthcare.

  • New Hampshire Tomorrow 2020 progress report

    Events of 2020 exacerbated inequities, increased urgency for work to ensure that young people are able to reach their potential.

More Stories

Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund

One of the largest permanent rural philanthropies in the U.S. is strengthening communities and spreading economic opportunity.

  • Stories of community resilience

    The people, communities and nonprofits of the North Country have responded to this time of great challenge with great resilience. Read more in the Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund 2020 Report to the Community.

  • Meet Sonya Salanti

    Sonya Salanti of Bethlehem has joined the Charitable Foundation as director of the Neil and Louise Tillotson Funds. She talked to the Foundation’s Lois Shea about the joy of applying her skills in the place where she lives, the Tillotson Funds’ work during COVID – and how volunteering to park cars in the rain helped connect her to her new hometown.

  • Trail Finder put trails — and local businesses — on the map

    Trail Finder puts up-to-date, trail-manager-sourced information for multiple outdoor activities at users' fingertips, along with information about local businesses — from inns to bike shops to breweries. Grants from the Foundation's Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund are supporting the service.

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Substance Use Disorders Portfolio

The Foundation has made a long-term commitment to reduce substance use among New Hampshire youth.

More Stories

Wellborn Ecology Fund

The Wellborn Ecology Fund is dedicated to increasing environmental and ecological science knowledge in the Upper Valley.

  • Helping schools pivot to outdoor learning

    As schools began to close this past spring, educators across the state scrambled to figure out how to keep teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. Programs supported by the Wellborn Ecology Fund have been helping schools move to more outdoor instruction for years, and more schools are now making "outdoor classrooms" a regular part of the school day.

  • Chipmunk Game Theory 101

    The latest installment of "The Outside Story," sponsored by the Wellborn Ecology Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, explains how eastern chipmunks have evolved to be energy maximizers, seeking to strike the optimal balance between energy gain per cheek-pouch load of food and number of trips back to the burrow.

  • Nearly $300,000 in grants will support place-based ecology education

    The Wellborn Ecology Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation supports place-based ecology education in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont

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