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Nonprofit Emergency Relief Fund helps bridge the gap

Foundation, NH Center for Nonprofits and CDFA partnered to create and administer grant program that helped the state distribute almost $40 million in federal CARES Act funding to nonprofit organizations. A full program summary from the three organizations is now available.

Fresh Start Farms helping to feed our communities

The Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success operates farms that have become an important part of the local food-shed. A mobile market brings fresh, local produce to housing communities in Concord and Manchester, and a Food Hub is now operating in downtown Manchester. And a CSA delivers to homes and businesses.

Nonprofits helping educate about absentee voting

All New Hampshire voters will be allowed to vote absentee in next month’s general election — for the first time ever. A coalition of New Hampshire nonprofits is working to help ensure that people know how to vote safely and securely.

Continuing gifts and grants in response to COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold, generous New Hampshire people have rallied to help their neighbors, giving more than $4.1 million into the Foundation's Community Crisis Action Fund. The Foundation has made more than $9.7 million in grants to help sustain our communities through this crisis.

Carl Austin Hyatt Awarded 2020 Artist Advancement Grant

Portsmouth photographer receives grant that helps cultivate the Piscataqua Region’s arts community, boost artists’ careers and helps keep them living and working in the area.

‘It’s about knowing that you’re not alone’

My Breast Cancer Support, a small nonprofit on the Seacoast, provides emotional and financial support to people who are managing the most prevalent form of cancer among women.

Focus On

New Hampshire Tomorrow

The Foundation is investing in four proven focus areas to increase opportunity for New Hampshire’s kids — from cradle to career.

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Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund

One of the largest permanent rural philanthropies in the U.S. is strengthening communities and spreading economic opportunity.

  • NH Legal Assistance sees increasing demand for services

    The ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic mean an increase in need for services from the nonprofit that represents people in civil cases. Unlike in criminal cases, litigants in civil court have no guarantee of counsel, even when their homes, economic stability or personal safety are on the line. That is where New Hampshire Legal Assistance comes in. A grant from the Foundation's Community Crisis Action Fund is helping meet the need.

  • Addressing food insecurity north of the Notches

    The New Hampshire Food Bank has hired a North Country food systems coordinator, with help from a grant from the Foundation's Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund, to work with local organizations, strengthen infrastructure, improve accessibility to fresh food and improve distribution in the region.

  • Family resource centers step up for vulnerable families

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it hit the lives of vulnerable families with an overwhelming tangle of complication and peril. Family resource centers around the state rose to the moment, coming to the aid of people who needed them.

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Substance Use Disorders Portfolio

The Foundation has made a long-term commitment to reduce substance use among New Hampshire youth.

  • Using telemedicine to deliver on the mission

    Nonprofit community health centers and recovery support centers around the state have quickly implemented telemedicine technology to continue to safely deliver critical services. Grants from the Community Crisis Action Fund have connected them with the computers, cameras, software, improved wifi and cell phones to make it happen.

  • Remembering Charlie DeGrandpre

    Longtime Charitable Foundation board member and regional advisor helped to structure charitable gift that has made a significant difference for people struggling with substance use disorder in New Hampshire.

  • A call to the edge

    A new report shows that New Hampshire has the second-highest rate, per capita, of children who are affected by their parents' opioid misuse. Tym Rourke, director of the Charitable Foundation's "New Hampshire Tomorrow" initiative, on how we all have the opportunity to help make sure these children have the chance to succeed.

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Wellborn Ecology Fund

The Wellborn Ecology Fund is dedicated to increasing environmental and ecological science knowledge in the Upper Valley.

  • Chipmunk Game Theory 101

    The latest installment of "The Outside Story," sponsored by the Wellborn Ecology Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, explains how eastern chipmunks have evolved to be energy maximizers, seeking to strike the optimal balance between energy gain per cheek-pouch load of food and number of trips back to the burrow.

  • Nearly $300,000 in grants will support place-based ecology education

    The Wellborn Ecology Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation supports place-based ecology education in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont

  • Tick-borne diseases on the rise

    In the latest installment of "The Outside Story," sponsored by the Wellborn Ecology Fund: Ticks are more abundant than ever before in northern New England, and tick-borne diseases are on the rise. Read more about why, and how to stay safe while still enjoying time outside this summer

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