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Community happens when it’s safe to talk about the hard things

The New Hampshire Theatre Project's “Elephant in the Room” series uses theatre to bring people together to talk about immensely difficult things — suicide, eating disorders, substance misuse — and connect people with resources available to help

Students garner life lessons on the trail

Jobs for America's Graduates and the Appalachian Mountain Club have partnered up to offer Berlin students meaningful, paid summer employment, skill-building work in environmental stewardship, and exposure to careers in conservation and land management

Community happens when seniors are connected

The Penacook Community Center offers programs for neighbors of all ages — from infants to elders. For Kathy and Paul St. Louis, the center's senior programs gave them a way to create strong community connections when they moved to town

JerriAnne Boggis and Joseph Morone join New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Board

JerriAnne Boggis, executive director of the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire, and Joseph Morone, past president and CEO of Albany International Corporation, are the newest members of the 14-member governing board which oversees grantmaking, finances, stewardship of philanthropic resources and strategic initiatives for statewide community foundation

A legacy of paying it forward

Mark Connolly spent his career "paying forward" the hand-up that helped him finish college and embark on a lifetime of accomplishments. Now, a scholarship fund in his name will continue to do the same for New Hampshire students

Remembering Sumner Winebaum

Sumner’s philanthropic legacy includes helping to establish the Foundation’s presence in the Piscataqua region

Focus On

New Hampshire Tomorrow

The Foundation is investing in four proven focus areas to increase opportunity for New Hampshire’s kids — from cradle to career.

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Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund

One of the largest permanent rural philanthropies in the U.S. is strengthening communities and spreading economic opportunity.

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Substance Use Disorders Portfolio

The Foundation has made a long-term commitment to reduce substance use among New Hampshire youth.

  • Shaping policy through advocacy

    The Charitable Foundation's Tym Rourke reflects on the history of a policy-first approach to funding in the area of substance use disorders prevention, treatment and recovery that was not always popular, but that has led to lasting and meaningful change. Rourke and Charitable Foundation President and CEO Richard Ober will be presenting on "Foundations and Policy Leadership" at the Center for Effective Philanthropy's national conference in May

  • A New Life program is helping moms and babies thrive

    Moms and babies affected by the state's opioid crisis are getting wraparound treatment and services in a midwife-created program at North Conway's Memorial Hospital

  • Survey data show reasons to celebrate prevention

    Youth Risk Behavior Survey is critical in understanding young people's risk factors for addiction — and in tailoring efforts to help them stay healthy

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Entrepreneurs’ Fund of New Hampshire

EFNH makes philanthropy part of how business is done in New Hampshire.

Smarter Pathways

We’re bringing state leaders together to prepare New Hampshire students for the workforce of tomorrow.

Wellborn Ecology Fund

The Wellborn Ecology Fund is dedicated to increasing environmental and ecological science knowledge in the Upper Valley.

  • Tick-borne diseases on the rise

    In the latest installment of "The Outside Story," sponsored by the Wellborn Ecology Fund: Ticks are more abundant than ever before in northern New England, and tick-borne diseases are on the rise. Read more about why, and how to stay safe while still enjoying time outside this summer

  • Why animals’ eyes shine at night (but people’s don’t)

    In the latest installment of "The Outside Story," sponsored by the Wellborn Ecology Fund, learn about eyeshine in animals, which is produced by a membrane called the tapetum lucidum (“tapestry of light”), a reflective surface located behind the retina

  • The power of a very generous crowd

    Here are just a few examples of what happens in New Hampshire communities when people give, and work, together

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