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What’s your charitable mission?

Why a charitable giving mission statement will add joy to your giving — and maximize impact

How to ‘pop the question’ about charitable giving

In the latest installment of the Foundation's "How to Pop the Question about Charitable Giving" series, we talk with Adam Ruedig of the Ruedig Group of UBS Financial Services, about why the conversation matters so much, how giving connects people to community, and the 'Baby Boomer zeitgeist'

Exploring solutions: helping kids deal with trauma, suicide danger signs, more professionals entering recovery field and more

"Solutions journalism" series looks at behavioral health and issues related to substance use in New Hampshire

Meet Ben Amsden

New Charitable Foundation senior program officer on rural sociology, the perfect New Hampshire day, and a hobby that helps keep stuff out of landfills

Vu Le on Nonprofit Hunger Games, unicorns and more

Keynote speaker at the NH Center for Nonprofits' annual Leadership Summit is the author of the "Nonprofit AF" blog and executive director of the Rainier Valley Corps

Community foundations step up to aid in disaster recovery

Community Foundations are helping those affected by severe storms, and by gas explosions in Massachusetts. Here are some ways to help

Focus On

New Hampshire Tomorrow

The Foundation is investing in four proven focus areas to increase opportunity for New Hampshire’s kids — from cradle to career.

  • Innovation internship

    University of New Hampshire senior Riley Kenney shares his reflections on his summer internship at the Charitable Foundation

  • On a mission to help our kids thrive

    Lakes Region Child Care provides high-quality early education to 424 infants and children from 28 towns

  • On a mission to prevent addiction

    Members of the Makin’ It Happen Coalition for Resilient Youth see drugs and alcohol as a clear and present danger to their generation. They are deflecting that danger with a potent weapon: the optimism of the young

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Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund

One of the largest permanent rural philanthropies in the U.S. is strengthening communities and spreading economic opportunity.

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Substance Use Disorders Portfolio

The Foundation has made a long-term commitment to reduce substance use among New Hampshire youth.

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Entrepreneurs’ Fund of New Hampshire

EFNH makes philanthropy part of how business is done in New Hampshire.

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Smarter Pathways

We’re bringing state leaders together to prepare New Hampshire students for the workforce of tomorrow.

  • Building economic opportunity

    Foundation VP of Community Impact Katie Merrow outlines how the Foundation is working to increase opportunities for our kids – and help businesses to thrive – in this "Business Monadnock" article

  • A promising future

    Foundation scholarships help Paige Libbey prepare for a STEM career in New Hampshire

  • Building a STEM workforce

    Foundation initiative is helping kids pursue STEM studies and careers

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Wellborn Ecology Fund

The Wellborn Ecology Fund is dedicated to increasing environmental and ecological science knowledge in the Upper Valley.

  • Cutest moth ever?

    The latest installment of The Outside Story, sponsored by the Wellborn Ecology Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, solves the mystery of the fuzzy, pastel-hued Rosy Maple Moth.

  • Ice-out data adds to knowledge about climate change

    The latest installment of The Outside Story, sponsored by the Wellborn Ecology Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, explores local data showing ice-out coming earlier, lilacs blooming sooner and predictions of shorter sugaring seasons

  • Once in a blue supermoon

    A blue supermoon will rise on January 31 — a rare occurrence indeed. The latest installment of The Outside Story, sponsored by the Wellborn Ecology Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, explores the science...and encourages you to go out and take a look

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