Final and interim grant reports

Previous grantees must have filed progress, interim or final grant reports on their most recent grants in order to be eligible to apply for new grant support. Please note on the grant report form which type you are submitting.

Submitting the grant report

  • Grant reports are now accepted online via your GrantSource dashboard.
  • Please go to your GrantSource dashboard and look for the links to submit your reports.
  • Depending on the type of grant and when you received it, you can either download the reporting form in GrantSource, or fill out the interactive form connected to the grant application.

Information to include in the grant report

  • We rely on your candid grant reports to assist us. Please give us your honest thoughts about the short-term results and the longer-term potential of the project, program, or work for which funds were granted.
  • We are just as interested in what didn’t work as what did. While we understand the wish to focus on successes, we respect the candor and insight involved in also sharing hard lessons learned.
  • Your grant report should be based on the description and evaluation plan in your original proposal narrative. Please refer to your original proposal as you prepare your grant report.