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Latest News and Stories

Anthony Poore on the urgency of the humanities

The executive director of New Hampshire Humanities in conversation with the Charitable Foundation's Lois Shea about the urgency of the humanities at this moment in history; bringing new voices into the conversation in New Hampshire; and how politically conscious hip-hop changed his world

Every tree tells a story

Victoria Elbroch of Kittery, Maine has been awarded the $25,000 Artist Advancement Grant, one of the largest unrestricted grants made to a single artist in the country. The fund from which the annual grant is made was created at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation by a group of generous people who wanted to help cultivate the Piscataqua Region's arts community, boost artists’ careers and help keep them living and working in the area. It may be used for anything an artist needs to advance her work

Restoring the American Dream: Five Questions for Nisha Patel

Nisha Patel, who led the U.S. Partnership on Mobility from Poverty, spoke with the Foundation's Lois Shea about why poverty is about more than economic hardship, why the narratives about poverty in the U.S. need to change, and why she is optimistic that the American Dream can be restored