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People enjoying Rochester downtown area. (Photo by Cheryl Senter.)

People enjoying Rochester downtown area. (Photo by Cheryl Senter.)

Greater Rochester Community Health Foundation

Creating healthier futures

The new foundation has partnered with the Charitable Foundation to help improve the health and well-being of residents in Strafford County.

Greater Rochester Community Health Foundation Logo

The Greater Rochester Community Health Foundation’s mission is to improve the health and well-being and reduce the burden of illness of people in Strafford County and surrounding communities.


GRCHF awards grants, makes program-related investments, and provides other financial assistance to health and social service programs, organizations and projects that benefit the community.

GRCHF is a “supporting organization” of the Charitable Foundation, drawing on the Charitable Foundation’s community knowledge and financial and investment expertise to meet its mission.

GRCHF was funded with proceeds from the sale of the nonprofit Frisbie Memorial Hospital to HCA Healthcare, Inc. As presented to the community prior to the sale, it is expected GRCHF will exceed $20 million in assets once the remaining sale transaction obligations and escrows are concluded.

To learn more about this new partnership, please read the press release.

Our Vision and Values

We envision a Strafford County where all people have access to the resources and opportunities to achieve health and well-being and live in a thriving, healthy and connected community.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: We recognize that GRCHF is a community asset that belongs to the people of Strafford County. We embrace the maxim “nothing about us without us” and we will ensure that the community’s needs and assets inform our planning and are integrated in our processes. We will provide the community, especially those who are not typically included, with a participatory role.

INTEGRITY: We are humbled to be stewards of this important community asset and will strive to bring integrity to all facets of our work. We will be honest in our interactions and transparent in our operations, processes and decision making so that we may earn the trust and respect of the community. We will courageously protect the interests of the community.

TRANSFORMATIVE: The establishment of GRCHF brings the promise of resources that can be a catalyst for transformative change addressing some of our community’s greatest challenges. We will contribute to support for both direct services and systemic change that provides opportunities for all to thrive and builds resilient communities. At the same time we recognize that transformational change takes time, and we are here for the long haul.

INNOVATIVE: The biggest challenges of our day require new and different approaches. We will support innovation, risk-taking and creativity.

EQUITY, DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: We believe that everyone should have the opportunities and resources they need to thrive and that outcomes should not be determined by race, background or identity. We value the wisdom of diverse voices and are committed to work intentionally to maintain diversity of perspective and representation in GRCHF’s work. We will pay particular attention to including those who have been historically excluded from discussions and decisions, and ensure they are heard and valued.

STEWARDSHIP: We will actively protect the assets of GRCHF so that the most resources possible are available to the community now and into the future.

Our grantmaking

Our competitive grants programs are open to nonprofit organizations serving Strafford County residents. Our targeted grants program is open to nonprofits focusing on increasing access to dental, maternal and mental/behavioral health care. The small grants program is open to nonprofits focusing on increasing access to care. Access to care may include but is not limited to: substance use disorder, food security, housing, senior services, transportation and logistics, culturally appropriate care, awareness of services, care coordination and patient motivation. Learn more about our targeted and small grants program.


GRCHF Board of Directors


Jennifer Ufkin, RN, MSN, Rochester, NH

Brian Hughes, Greenland, NH

Sandra Jalbert, Rollinsford, NH


Kerrie Landry, Rochester, NH

Betsey Andrews Parker, MPH, Dover, NH

Brittany Potvin, Milton, NH

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Meena Gyawali
  • Meena Gyawali
  • Initiative Leader, Environment