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Grantee Press Kit

Congratulations on receiving a grant 

The following guidelines are intended to help you publicize your organization or program. If you have any questions, email Kristen Oliveri, at xevfgra.byvirev@aups.bet.

The Foundation publicizes grants and grant stories through print, digital and broadcast media, social media, Foundation publications, and our website. Please share your success stories and photos with us so that we can promote the partnerships that strengthen our communities.


What you can do

A grant from the Foundation is a partnership, and behind every grant is the story of the good work being done to make our communities stronger. It is also an occasion for the Foundation to acknowledge our donors and let them know how their gifts are being used to improve the quality of life for everyone in New Hampshire.

You can publicize the Foundation’s support in a number of ways:

Your website
Create a link on your website to the Foundation’s site, nhcf.org. You can also include the Foundation’s logo where appropriate. See logo use details below.

Contact local media
Using this press release template as a guide, contact local news organizations to let them know about your project and your grant from the Foundation. And, please share the news with us! Send your press releases to pbzzhavpngvbaf@aups.bet.

Tell your community
Share information about your grant through your newsletters, annual reports, lists of supporters, and social media. When announcing the grant on social media, link to us on Facebook and on Twitter.

Logo use
We encourage you to use our logo where suitable. Please contact us if you need a different format of our logo than what is listed. Here are some guidelines for using our logo online or in printed materials:

If the logo is to be placed on a colored or photographic background, a transparent background on the logo is required. Use the PNG file below. Please do not place the logo in a white box on a non-white background. Only scale the logo proportionately.

Do not skew or distort the logo’s aspect ratio (altering the height or the width independent of the other).

Color PNG File
Color JPEG File
B&W PNG File

If you received a grant from the Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund, you can use the Tillotson logo.

Color JPEG File


How to acknowledge a grant from the Foundation

Use this language to acknowledge your grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation:

  • This project was funded (or funded in part) by a grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.
  • This project was funded (or funded in part) by a grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Dick and Jane Sample Fund.

NOTE: Please spell out “New Hampshire” rather than abbreviating, and on second reference, please refer to “the Charitable Foundation” or “the Foundation” rather than “NHCF.”


Keep in touch

We love it when grant recipients share pictures of programs or events, success stories, notes of thanks to Foundation donors, or any other newsworthy items! Please email any of these items to pbzzhavpngvbaf@aups.bet.

We're here to help

  • Kristen Oliveri
  • Vice President of Communications and Marketing