Entrepreneurs’ Fund of New Hampshire AMP Grant Program

The Entrepreneurs’ Fund of New Hampshire‘s AMP grants support novel, entrepreneurial and innovative ideas to solve pressing problems and critical issues facing New Hampshire. Think of it as civic R&D, allowing organizations to develop and test new solutions to community challenges and leverage investment to achieve impact.

  • Geographic focus

    Nonprofit organizations with projects that serve communities within the following Foundation service regions in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine: Manchester, Nashua, Piscataqua and Upper Valley.

  • Eligibility

    Must be recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or be a school, municipality or other subdivision of government. Organizations that do not have public charity status may apply for grants if another public charity acts as a fiscal sponsor.

    The EFNH AMP Grant Program is a special grants program, so organizations that have applied to other programs at the Foundation (Community Grants, Wellborn, etc.) are still eligible to apply.

    Finalist organizations are required to attend their regional EFNH AMP Grant event, a five-hour session that includes a Pitch Camp coaching session, one-on-one pitch mentoring with an entrepreneur, and a final pitch to EFNH members.

    Previous EFNH applicants and winners are also eligible.

  • Grant amount

    In 2016, each AMP Grant event resulted in one $25,000 grant.

  • Previous grants

  • Application deadline

    Please check back for 2017 application deadline.

  • Frequently asked questions

    What if I can’t attend pitch camp?
    If you as the grant writer cannot attend pitch camp, please select another member of your staff or board of directors to attend. To be considered for the grant, someone must be able to attend to represent your organization.

    Can we attend a pitch camp in another region?
    No, you will be assigned a pitch camp based on your service area where your “pitch” will best resonate with the audience.

    My organization is not in the Manchester, Nashua, Piscataqua or Upper Valley Regions. Can we still apply for this year’s grant?
    If your organization is based outside of these regions but has an innovative project taking place in one of those regions, you can apply. If your organization is both located outside of these regions and whose service area is outside of those regions, you are not eligible.

    What does EFNH mean by innovation?
    Innovation is doing something different than the status quo. It’s a willingness to eschew the beaten path, take the path less travelled, and try to make a bigger impact on outcomes or results beyond what the tried and true ways can produce. Done correctly and when given the right resources, innovative activities can produce far better outcomes and results than the same resources (time, attention and money) being spent in the legacy tried and true ways. The difference between the innovative results and the legacy results are the amplified benefit we seek to produce at EFNH.

Application and grant process

Step 1

Learn more about the program above and determine eligibility.

Step 2

Log in or create a new profile on GrantSource.

Simply go to GrantSource and sign in or click on “Don’t have an account” to create an account.

Step 3

Complete and submit the online application. Please check back for 2017 deadline. 

The application is a brief quad chart and project budget. View a sample application.

In addition to standard text or bullets, web links to online resources (YouTube videos, your agency’s website, research documents, etc.) are welcomed, but all of your information must fit within the word limit.

Step 4

Prepare for Pitch Camp.

Five finalists will be selected for each region. Between notification and pitch camp, finalists will be paired with a mentor to develop a draft pitch in anticipation of each regional camp.

Step 5

Participate in Pitch Camp:  Selected finalists will be required to attend their regional EFNH AMP Event. Pitch Camp is a three-hour session that includes a coaching session, one-on-one mentoring with an entrepreneur and a two-hour evening event where finalists will make their pitch. Watch a sample pitch.


Step 6

Receive funding.

One nonprofit organization will be selected to receive a $25,000 grant at each event through live voting by EFNH members.

Step 7

Publicize your grant.

If you are awarded funding and you’d like to share the good news, please refer to our grantee press kit.

Step 8


Grantees are required to submit a brief written report 6 and 12 months after the grant award.

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Simon Delekta
  • Simon Delekta
  • Senior Program Officer, Piscataqua Region