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Charitable Giving Guide encourages support for nonprofits

New Hampshire Business Review's 2023 Charitable Giving Guide encourages people to give to the nonprofits that make New Hampshire better for all of us.

New Hampshire nonprofits are asked to do a lot for the New Hampshire community from feeding struggling families to reporting the news; from making the arts accessible to protecting open space; from promoting civil discourse to advancing equity and racial justice.

In return, nonprofits ask for help so they can keep providing us with the thousands of services and programs that make New Hampshire better for everyone.

The 2023 Charitable Giving Guide includes profiles of some New Hampshire nonprofits, plus articles by the Charitable Foundation’s William Abbott and Rosalind Erwin about why giving for general operating support is a great way to help New Hampshire nonprofits; and by Rick Peck about the various kinds of assets people can give to support nonprofit work.

The Charitable Foundation is a founding partner of the Giving Guide, and a sponsor of the annual publication.

Kudos to New Hampshire Business Review for inspiring people to give.

Click the guide below to preview the digital edition.