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Australia’s bush fires: Here’s what you can do to help

Australian Communities Foundation shares information on how to best help their country recover in the months and years ahead.

Strengthening their community with philanthropy

Outdoor Pride Landscaping and Snow Management in Manchester, named one of Forbes' "Best Small Companies of 2019," gives to have an impact on the community where they live, work and play.

Thank you, Judy

Judy Burrows retired at the end of 2019. Her life's work has made life better for thousands of people.

Leading with dignity

Maggie Fogarty, co-leader of the New Hampshire program of the American Friends Service Committee, sees her role as being present with and elevating the voices and leadership of people whose essential dignity is threatened.

News goes collaborative

The Granite State News Collaborative is a new venture that has media outlets working together to give more people access to well-reported local news. The Charitable Foundation and the Knight Foundation are supporting its work.

‘You are destined for greater things’

Charitable Foundation Student Aid program helps some 1,500 students each year get the education they need to achieve their dreams.

‘We are here for you, we believe you, we will support you.’

WISE of the Upper Valley provides advocacy and support for victims of gender-based violence — and invites the wider community to join in its mission of making that violence a thing of the past

Tools of the Trade: Gifts of closely held stock and related assets

Contributions of all types of stock to charity are growing nationwide. In this installment of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation's "Tools of the Trade" series, Richard Samuels, a director in the Corporate Department of McLane Middleton, talks about how gifts of closely held stock can have big charitable impact — and why timing and planning are critical to the process

Nonprofits are integral to New Hampshire’s vitality

A new report from the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits makes the case that nonprofits are essential to the vitality of New Hampshire communities. The Center for Nonprofits’ CEO Kathleen Reardon talked with the Charitable Foundation’s Lois Shea about the findings

Giving to meet needs as-yet-unforeseen

Story Wright served on the Charitable Foundation board of directors from 1995 to 2003. She understood how frequently needs arose that did not fit neatly into a certain geographic region or fall within the designated purpose of a particular charitable fund. So she set up a Flexible Fund for New Hampshire that could be used to meet community needs as they arose

Information + Inspiration: 2020 Charitable Giving Guide

New Hampshire Business Review’s fifth-annual Charitable Giving Guide showcases the depth and breadth of New Hampshire's nonprofit sector and provides information and inspiration for giving and volunteering

Anthony Poore on the urgency of the humanities

The executive director of New Hampshire Humanities in conversation with the Charitable Foundation's Lois Shea about the urgency of the humanities at this moment in history; bringing new voices into the conversation in New Hampshire; and how politically conscious hip-hop changed his world