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Richard Peck

Richard Peck

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All taxpayers can deduct up to $300 in donations to nonprofits in 2020

The CARES Act made some changes to charitable deductions for individuals and corporations for 2020. Here is a very brief overview. While we know tax benefits are not the primary reason people give, we hope these changes will encourage increased giving to nonprofits during this challenging time.

What the new tax law means for your charitable giving

Rick Peck, Charitable Foundation vice president for philanthropy, on some things to keep in mind about the new tax code — and why nonprofits need our support more than ever

Turning non-cash assets into good

Rick Peck, NH Charitable Foundation vice-president for development and philanthropy services, explains how different types of assets can help you maximize your giving and make a bigger difference for the organizations, causes and communities you care about most

How to create a culture of giving in your business

Your company can do good AND do well — while supporting critical services, strengthening communities and building team camaraderie

This is the moment to give

Foundation VP Richard Peck explains why the combination of high community need, strong stock market gains and uncertainty in tax law makes December 2017 the right time to make big gifts

Ideas for year-end giving with maximum impact

The Charitable Foundation's Richard Peck shares some ideas for organizing year-end giving. Pick your passion, consolidate, and (if possible) skip buying one more sweater

Tax code uncertainty makes year-end a good time to give

Foundation vice president Richard Peck on ways to give between now and December 31