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Early childhood investments honored

Foundation recognized for helping build statewide infrastructure for early childhood education

On the road to a degree and a career

Matt Faucher of Berlin is earning an associate degree in IT with help from a Foundation scholarship. New Hampshire's "dual admission" program means all of his credits will transfer toward a bachelor's degree at one of the state's public universities

Screening tool helping young patients, new moms

Dartmouth-Hitchcock has implemented screening tool for substance use with teens, young adults and obstetrics patients with help from Foundation grants

Applications open for members of Empower Coös Youth Grants Program

Foundation's Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund offers opportunity for young people to have a direct voice in their communities via new grantmaking program. Applications open until May 4

She never forgets a student’s name

Susan Griffin, awarded the Louise Tillotson Teaching Fellowship, has taught at least a thousand students in Berlin over 40 years

New Hampshire Tomorrow 2017 Progress Report

Progress made for New Hampshire kids on scholarships, advocacy, early education quality improvements and more

Helping to change children’s lives

CCA Global Partners ‘big’ brothers and sisters mentor kids right at the office

How screening breaks the cycle

Dr. Kelley White talks about the profound effect of the state's drug crisis on her young patients, and how the "screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment" protocol is helping

How to ‘pop the question’ about charitable giving

Dennis Ryan of Howe, Riley & Howe has seen an increasing emphasis on charitable giving and volunteering among clients he works with

Bequest supports music education

David Brooks loved music. He left a legacy to make sure New Hampshire kids get the chance to love music, too

A public-health emergency — and how you can help

Sweeping measures are needed to turn the corner on the state's drug crisis. But there are also some basic, tangible things that average citizens can do to help. Here are five

How to ‘pop the question’ about charitable giving

Robin Young of Northstar Financial Planning on getting to the heart of what is most important to people