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Geoffrey Holt (Photo courtesy of Ed Smith/AP)

Geoffrey Holt (Photo courtesy of Ed Smith/AP)

A generous act heard round the world

Geoffrey Holt left a surprise gift in his will, to benefit his adopted hometown of Hinsdale, NH. His story has been shared worldwide.

Geoffrey Holt lived in a mobile home in Hinsdale, sat on kitchen chairs made from plywood, was an avid reader of newspapers and believed deeply in the importance of voting. He had taught Driver’s Education to high school students and worked as a maintenance person at his mobile home park. He had also created a $3.8 million philanthropic fund at the Charitable Foundation to benefit his community, to be funded upon his death.

His inspiring story of generosity went out on The Associated Press news service and was picked up by news outlets around the world, from England to Vietnam to India.

Per Holt’s wishes, the donor-advised fund will be advised by three community members, and will benefit projects, programs and organizations that provide health, educational, recreational or cultural benefits to residents of Hinsdale. Once the proceeds have been received and the fund established, the advisors will determine how they will review requests for funding, and an update will be posted on the Foundation’s website.