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Foundation President Dick Ober. (Photo by Cheryl Senter).

Foundation President Dick Ober. (Photo by Cheryl Senter).

Our work

This has been an election season like no other in memory. It has, at times, felt all-consuming and it has exposed some deep divisions in the country. Like all elections, it will take a bit of time to understand what this one meant and what it will bring.

But here is what I do know: The Foundation’s mission remains constant, and we remain constant to it. Our work outlasts political and economic cycles; it may build to its fruition a generation from now. It is work that does not shy from complex challenges, but proceeds with thoughtfulness and diligence to build a better New Hampshire for our children and for their children.

Our work is about making New Hampshire better for every single person here. No matter for whom they vote. No matter if or to which god they pray. No matter whom they love. No matter where they live. No matter if their ancestors arrived as refugees on the Mayflower or if their families arrived as immigrants last week.

We will remain constant to the work through this season, and the next, and the next. Together, we can continue to build stronger New Hampshire communities today — and a stronger New Hampshire tomorrow.