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New Hampshire Charitable Foundation President Richard Ober. (Photo by Cheryl Senter.)

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation President Richard Ober. (Photo by Cheryl Senter.)

NH depends on nonprofits, nonprofits depend on you

In 2018 Charitable Giving Guide, Foundation President Dick Ober writes: "In New Hampshire, we understand that when we give, we ALL do better."

New Hampshire is a great place to live, work and play. But we are also facing some serious challenges.

A crisis of substance misuse. A startling gap in access to opportunity depending on what town, or what neighborhood, you are born into. A shrinking workforce. Threats to our precious natural resources.

New Hampshire’s nonprofit sector is working mightily on solutions to all of those things. Which is why I remain optimistic that, despite our challenges, New Hampshire will remain a great place to make our homes and raise our families and enjoy our communities.

I am optimistic because of a tradition of generosity established by the people who came before, generosity which helped to build so much of what makes New Hampshire great.

And I am optimistic because, in New Hampshire, we understand that when we give, we ALL do better. A gift that helps a kid facing serious adversity means that kid gets to grow up to reach his full potential – which means he has the chance to become that police officer, that nurse, that engineer who helps sustain our communities tomorrow. A gift that helps protect our environment means we all have better places to live, work and play. When we give to help our elders live with dignity, we show that we are a community that values the contributions of those who worked so hard to build what we now enjoy.

New Hampshire has a proud tradition of people who understood all of that. People who worked hard and knew that who you were, the example you set, depended not just on doing well, but on doing good. It depended on giving with your resources, and giving with your creativity and time and talent.

How we give sets that example, and is a demonstration of our aspirations for this place and these communities we love.

So what matters most to you? Is it civic education? Elder care? Mentoring kids? Feeding the hungry? Addiction treatment and recovery? Land conservation? The arts?

I promise you, there is a New Hampshire nonprofit working on it – and one that could really use your help. Look through NHBR’s 2018 Charitable Giving Guide, look around the community that is New Hampshire. Pick your strategy and pick your spot. A stronger New Hampshire depends on a thriving nonprofit sector. And a thriving nonprofit sector depends on you.

By doing good – by giving, volunteering, engaging – you help ensure that all of us do well.

Click the image below to preview the digital edition of the 2018 Charitable Giving Guide.