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Tym Rourke

Director of New Hampshire Tomorrow

Tym Rourke

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An update on Foundation’s New Hampshire Tomorrow initiative

In real and alarming ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the inequities in our communities. New Hampshire Tomorrow is about increasing opportunity for young people who currently have the least access to opportunity. As the effects of this crisis continue to unfold in our communities, that work becomes even more urgent.

A call to the edge

A new report shows that New Hampshire has the second-highest rate, per capita, of children who are affected by their parents' opioid misuse. Tym Rourke, director of the Charitable Foundation's "New Hampshire Tomorrow" initiative, on how we all have the opportunity to help make sure these children have the chance to succeed.

Shaping policy through advocacy

The Charitable Foundation's Tym Rourke reflects on the history of a policy-first approach to funding in the area of substance use disorders prevention, treatment and recovery that was not always popular, but that has led to lasting and meaningful change. Rourke and Charitable Foundation President and CEO Richard Ober will be presenting on "Foundations and Policy Leadership" at the Center for Effective Philanthropy's national conference in May

Curbing substance misuse

Tym Rourke, writing for Washington Monthly, on how a chicken farmer’s generosity is helping New Hampshire address the disease of addiction

Time to step up

Tym Rourke and Alexa Eggleston: a call for a national philanthropic agenda to combat addiction

I carry their names everywhere I go

A reflection on a community conversation turned personal, a quiet man who cared, and the urgent need to keep going

The power of prevention

Some good news: Youth substance use is on the decline