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A snapshot of tax-time charitable giving questions

Three questions that are top of mind for many professional advisors, along with answers that can help you serve your clients as you work through 2023 returns and plan for 2024.

For advisors: Helping your clients make the most of their giving

Recent studies show that 85.1% of affluent households give to charity – and that people want their wealth advisors to ask them about charitable giving.

Five tax law developments affecting charitable giving

For professional advisors, including accountants, attorneys, financial advisors and wealth managers, here is recap of five key developments in tax law in 2023 related to charitable giving that are worth keeping an eye on in 2024.

Together We Thrive: Read the Foundation’s 2021 Annual Report

We can build a more perfect community if we all work together. Here are stories of how people in New Hampshire are doing just that.

Foundation opposes HB 1431

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation believes that HB 1431, if passed, would prove detrimental to the health and safety of some of our most vulnerable children. Several components of this bill would undermine important relationships with teachers and mentors that can be a lifeline for young people, and would undercut our public schools.

Why the Youth Risk Behavior Survey matters for young people’s health

Charitable Foundation opposes bill that would undermine the availability of reliable and valid data that is critical to helping keep New Hampshire’s young people healthy.

Foundation opposes bill that threatens resident-owned communities

Since 1984, the Charitable Foundation has invested in the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund to help residents of manufactured home parks organize, buy, and manage their communities as cooperatives. When these homeowners own the land and run their communities cooperatively, benefits include security of tenure, long-term affordability, stable costs, leadership engagement, improving conditions, and access to fixed-rate mortgages for home financing.
We oppose SB210 because we believe this bill, intentionally or not, will severely undermine a critical, innovative, and market-driven avenue to advance housing affordability. 

Foundation urges repeal and replacement of “banned concepts” law

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation stands firmly behind the belief that all of our children deserve an education that promotes their development and critical thinking skills and offers them practical tools for their future. As such, we urge the legislature to pass SB304 to repeal and replace the provisions adopted in last year’s budget bill, HB2. The current law makes it difficult for our children to receive the complete education they deserve to help them thrive in communities and civic life.

This is who we are

Who we are is never more apparent than during times of crisis. The Charitable Foundation's 2020 annual report features 10 stories from a time of shared crisis that give us enduring hope.

Here for New Hampshire

Read the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation's 2019 annual report.

Standing for justice

The Foundation stands with those who are exercising their rights and their moral duty to peacefully and urgently call for justice and an end to the violence and countless injustices perpetrated upon Black people over the course of centuries.