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Michael Turmelle

Initiative Leader, Education and Career Initiatives

Michael Turmelle

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New report highlights model for success in building on-ramps to careers

Collaboration between schools, employers, chambers of commerce and community colleges is key to building hyperlocal career pathways for young people to launch careers in everything from the trades to health care to public safety.

The public good that is public education is being imperiled in New Hampshire

Public K-12 schools deliver on the very American promise of an education for all — no matter how much money your parents have, or where you live, or the color of your skin or if you get around on your feet or in a wheelchair. But the public good that is public education is being imperiled in New Hampshire in ways that put children’s education and the well-being of our communities and our economy at risk.

New Hampshire’s children deserve school-funding fairness

In New Hampshire, according to a recent American Institutes for Research report, “The highest poverty school districts have the lowest student outcomes. The negative relationship between poverty and outcomes is very strong.” The Charitable Foundation is supporting two nonprofit organizations that are addressing these issues: Reaching Higher New Hampshire and the New Hampshire School Funding Fairness project. Because all students in New Hampshire should have equal access to educational opportunity so they can thrive in school, graduate and grow into adults who are able to help sustain New Hampshire’s communities and economy.