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Emmett Soldati

Small business owner, entrepreneur, and activist

Emmett Soldati has taken a leave of absence from the Foundation’s board of directors from February 2024 through election day, November 5, 2024, for his run for Executive Council. 

Born and raised in Somersworth, NH, Emmett Soldati is a small business owner, entrepreneur, and activist.

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Emmett spent the last decade working to connect and uplift the community he knows and loves — his hometown. Emmett made national headlines in 2020 for his historic win in the New Hampshire Supreme Court against Facebook where he represented himself pro se. He was also a primary candidate for Executive Council District 2 and chair of the NH Democratic Party.

In 2019, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year for his cafe, Teatotaller, which has blossomed into a hub of LGBTQ+ programming, community gatherings, and social justice activism.