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Latest Posts

Improving lives with the help of horses

A New Hampshire Charitable Foundation field-of-interest fund, created by a generous donor, supports equine services and other animal therapy in New Hampshire.

She found her career path in a tidepool

Adrianna George of Milford is studying Animal Science and Marine Biology at UNH with help from a Charitable Foundation scholarship

Grantees’ feedback helps Charitable Foundation improve

Foundation contracted with the independent Center for Effective Philanthropy to conduct a confidential survey of our grantees to learn more about how they perceive our work, and ways we might improve it. Read the full report, below.

What to give? Operating support!

New Hampshire relies heavily on the nonprofit sector, and the nonprofit sector relies on all of us to help keep operations running — in good times and in challenging times.

Medallion Fund helps pave the way for careers

Steven Martinez of Manchester is entering his fourth year of schooling to become a licensed plumbing contractor, while working as a plumber's apprentice.

Grant applications open for Greater Rochester Community Health Foundation

The Greater Rochester Community Health Foundation’s mission is to improve the health and well-being and reduce the burden of illness of people in Strafford County and surrounding communities.

Thank you, Katie

Katie Merrow, who led the Charitable Foundation's community impact department for 14 years with outstanding distinction, has made the decision to hand off the reins. The Foundation is deeply grateful to Katie. "We will dearly miss her passion, her commitment to the work, and her tireless drive to make New Hampshire a better community,” said president and CEO Dick Ober.

When young people are registered, they vote

A new study by the Civics Center, a national nonpartisan organization that works to increase high school voter registration, shows that comparatively few 18-year-olds in New Hampshire are registered to vote. The study was commissioned by the Charitable Foundation to help understand the landscape of youth voting in the state.

Tillotson Fund releases five-year strategic plan

As the North Country region grows and transforms, the Tillotson Fund will continue to build deep community connection and ensure that the philosophy and legacies of Neil and Louise Tillotson are embedded into the work.

Standout Concord High athlete is now first in family to attend college

Hamza Abdulrahman is attending college with help from a Foundation scholarship. His scholarship is from the Elizabeth I. Bickel Scholarship fund — which was created by a woman whose own family had emigrated to America, and always found ways to help the next waves of immigrants following behind them.

From journalist to firefighter/EMT

Career change: Meghan Foley used to cover local emergencies as a reporter. Now she responds to them as a firefighter and EMT. With help from a Charitable Foundation scholarship, Meghan is studying Fire Science at Lakes Region Community College in Laconia.

How to help victims of Hurricanes Fiona and Ian

Hurricanes Fiona and Ian have caused widespread devastation and suffering for the people of Puerto Rico and Florida. Resources are available for how best to help victims of those extreme storms.