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Entrepreneurs Foundation of New Hampshire (EFNH) is expanding pitch camp opportunities

This October, two $25,000 grants will be made to support novel, entrepreneurial and innovative ideas to solve pressing problems and critical issues facing New Hampshire. Think of it as civic R&D, allowing organizations to develop and test new solutions to community challenges and leverage investment to achieve impact.

Over the last few years, we’ve heard from many organizations who want to connect with entrepreneurs and learn how to pitch their ideas. Pitch Camp, developed by EFNH, is a training exercise led by entrepreneurs with a focus on effective communication. The EFNH AMP NH Grant Program has expanded to allow more nonprofits than ever to participate in Pitch Camp as part of the application process. This year, up to 30 organizations may be chosen to participate eventually narrowing down to the 6 finalists who will present a 3 minute pitch at AMP NH Night on Thursday, October 16. Two organizations with the most innovative and impactful ideas will be selected that evening by EFNH members as grant recipients.

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How to Apply and Deadline
Review Process and Applicant Commitment

Tax exempt, 501(c)(3) organizations, or those operating under a fiscal sponsor. EFNH AMP NH Grants are a special grants program, so organizations that have applied to our other programs (Community Grants, Tillotson, etc.) are still eligible to apply. Previous EFNH applicants and winners are also eligible.

How to Apply and Deadline
The EFNH application will be available through GrantSource beginning Tuesday, July 1, 2014 and applications are due Friday, August 1, 2014. Organizations that do not already have an account should login and complete their organizational profile; after which the EFNH application will be available to complete. The application is a brief quad chart and even bullet points are okay. In addition to standard text, web links to online resources (YouTube videos, your agency’s website, research documents, etc) are welcomed, but all of your information must fit within the word limit provided.

Sample: ABI Innovation Hub (PDF)
Sample: Girls Inc. (PDF)

Review Process and Applicant Commitment

The EFNH grants committee will select up to 30 organizations, who will be notified by email on Friday, August 22 to participate in Pitch Camp.

A mandatory one-time, Pitch Camp coaching session will be provided for semi finalists in early September. The Pitch Camp will provide best practices advice to the participants followed by live dry-runs of their 3 minute pitches with immediate feedback. Organizations will have the opportunity to update their original applications based on their Pitch Camp experience. Final applications will be reviewed by the grants committee and six finalists selected. Finalists will be notified by Thursday, October 2, and will be able to choose a Pitch Camp entrepreneur who will serve as their mentor leading up to their pitch on Thursday, October 16 at the AMP NH event.

The AMP NH event is where all EFNH members participate in live electronic vote to choose the winners of the two, $25,000 grants. All finalists will also have the opportunity to share with the audience how EFNH members can support your efforts through consultation or mentoring. In the past, several organizations have connected with entrepreneurs in the software, web-based, food production, energy, advanced materials and venture capital sectors.

By applying, organizations commit to attending an EFNH Pitch Camp in early September, attending the EFNH AMP NH event on Thursday, October 16 and have pitches recorded for communication purposes.

Please contact Melinda Mosier at email or 603 225-6641 ext. 1266

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